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Sharp Boot Blousing Method - OCS

Links for my boot blousers: - Two inch thick boot blouse - One inch blue boot blouse (pictured below)


There are a variety of methods to blouse boots. My way is not the best way for everyone, however it was a good method that I learned during Officer Candidate School that I still use to this day. This Army boot blouse method will make your pant legs look sharp and have a better overall uniform look than some other methods.

1. Start with your full uniform on, to include boots and socks. Tie boots.

2. Lift pant leg and attach elastic band just above the boot. I like to turn the velcro to face the back of my leg.

3. Pull pant legs all the way down to remove slack. Tuck pant legs into the elastic bands. Does not need to be perfect, you will fix it in the next step.

4. Drop pants to floor. Pull pant legs all the way up through the elastic bands.

5. Pull pants up and make final minor adjustments.

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