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First Drill/Unit As A 2LT

When you arrive at your first unit, not much is immediately expected of you, however you will immediately be judged with how you interact within the platoon. You will likely be following a more experienced LT for a brief time; take this to better understand what is expected of you. Do what needs done, and maybe a little more. Show up early, and more importantly leave a little late. Psychology says there are reasons for this.

Here are a few basics you will need when you arrive, and most of these items you probably already have!

  • Don't lose your TA-50. Keep it somewhere safe at home, or consider storing it in a locker at your new unit. These locks open fast.

  • Have a nice Army Binder, optional with your name on it. Something like this:

  • Have an Army-flavored backpack to carry your gear. Something like this:

  • Have two matching pens in your sleeve. Nothing fancy, just don't be the guy without a pen. I like cheap and basic pens like this:

  • Bring a water bottle. If you are not in the field then you are probably in an office. This one holds a lot of coffee and does the job.

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