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Top 4 Reasons to Commission as an Officer in the US Army

Military service has some unique perks, and if you want to earn commission in the United States Army, you can do it through one of the four programs. These four programs include the United States Military Academy, the Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps, the Officer Candidate School, or direct appointment. The candidate or applicant must be a high school graduate in all these cases. In addition to this, the applicant should be at least 17 years of age, and he or she is supposed to pass a medical and physical examination. The United States Army is considered the world's number one fighting force with remarkable capabilities and hundreds of opportunities for the people interested in joining this service. You need to know people who joined the US Army enjoy many benefits. If you want to know some of them, read this article until the end.

Training and Leadership Development

Learning skills is very important, and in this aspect, the United States Army is the perfect place to learn skills related to real life, and you can also apply these skills to the workspace. Undoubtedly, the United States Army is a highly disciplined organization, but they know how to teach such attributes to young soldiers. United States Army is well known for teaching valuable skills that apply to the workspace, and one of the essential skills that they conduct their soldiers is disciplined. The ability to follow instructions and carry out a particular task in a specific manner is known as discipline. Another skill taught in this institution is teamwork. In addition to this, other skills taught in US Army include accountability, precision, leadership, and excellent communication skills.

Educational benefits

One of the most important benefits of joining the Army e is that you get an opportunity to attend school without having the burden of student loans. Research done in 2018 states that one-third of adults in America under the age of 30 are dealing with the problem of student loan debt. So in this way, if you join the United States Army, you can fulfil your dream of attending college with no obligation. You can fund your education while staying in the US army in four ways. They are the GI bill, Financial aid, Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) and postgraduate scholarships.

Retirement benefits

The United States army is is an institution where retired people get their pension benefits. After 20 years of service in the United States Army, you need to know that a person is considered eligible for pension benefits up to 50% of your salary for life. In addition to this, the United States Army adjusted the pension for inflation with time. Another essential benefit given by the US Army to soldiers is the 401k type of savings available to those who serve in the Army through the thrift savings plans. So the person who serves in Army gets to save a portion of their pay before they retire. It is sponsored by the federal government and offers the same incentives and tax benefits that other corporate employers provide.

Medical aid

The most important thing is that the US Army has an excellent Health Care plan similar to a health management organization available to military families. You need to know that this is extensive enough to cover health care and dental costs at little or no cost to the families. The family of the military personal get their care at the health care facilities located at the military base, and the hospitals are also well equipped with the US Army staff who serve there as healthcare professionals.


All Commissioned Officers receive a Secret Security Clearance upon being accepted as an officer. This makes soldiers more valuable and extremely competitive in the civilian world. Some job sites, such as (fees apply), are designed specifically for people who hold this credential. Other popular sites such as allow filtering by security level.

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